We’re resources and managers like you and uniquely understand your challenges

Flux Capacity evolved from a personal need and gap in the marketplace. We were TaskRay users, managing teams for our Salesforce consulting business and lacked a solution to effectively manage and assign resources.  Resource assignment consisted of asking team members about their availability and resource forecasting and planning was managed with complex excel spreadsheets that required constant updates.  The result was overcommitted, unhappy resources and lost opportunities. We needed visibility into our team’s capacity and real-time insight into future demand and we found that our customers needed the same thing. So, leveraging our personal experience managing teams, our TaskRay and Salesforce consulting work with clients, and extensive Salesforce knowledge, we built Flux Capacity – resource intelligence for TaskRay.

Why you should give us a try:

  • We’re the only solution that is purpose built for TaskRay providing you with a streamlined user experience.

  • We’re a native Salesforce.com solution and available on the AppExchange.

  • We’re Salesforce Administrators and Consultants by trade with a deep understanding of the platform providing you with knowledgeable resources and an extensible product.

  • We’re the only solution that offers true resource intelligence providing you with real-time insight into resource demand and capacity. 


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Matt has spent the last 14 years designing and implementing Salesforce solutions and managing growing professional services teams. He is a talented architect and process consultant, but most importantly, he has direct experience facing the challenges of effective resource management. 

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Introduced to Salesforce in 2009, Dan realized the power of the platform and cultivated technical expertise as a Salesforce architect and developer. He has spent the last 10 years building end-to-end solutions for clients and managing products. Dan is also a resource recovering from poor capacity planning.