Resource allocation and planning tools to easily ensure people are productive, but not overbooked
Flux Capacity helps Resource Managers effectively balance workloads to manage priorities across projects and maximize resource productivity.
Project Managers can efficiently understand resources’ wholistic workload to identify constraints and keep projects on-schedule.
Resources can easily view personal workload to confidently manage time and focus on priority work. Resources proactively identify constraints and downtime to maintain consistent contributions.

The Flux Planner is a powerful resource allocation and planning tool that offers the following:

  • Interactive workload management to quickly view allocation and drill into specific Projects and Tasks that map up workload

  • Action-oriented tools to help you proctively identify resource constraints and take corrective action

  • Perform impact-assessment ahead of actions to carefully gauge workload before committing to changes

  • Time away date visibility to efficiently identify where resources have planned time away so you can avoid scheduling conflicts.

With the Flux Planner, you have real-time management tools that benefit all levels of your delivery organization.