We believe technology companies make it too difficult to learn about their software. We’ve taken a fresh approach to the software evaluation process enabling you to independently evaluate our solution on your own time and at your own pace. You won’t find any forms gating content on our website or any Sales representatives hounding you to schedule a demo. All of our content is openly available so you can educate yourself and make the right decision for your organization. Be sure to check out our frequently asked questions below and our deep dive video series that explores our product’s functionality in detail.




What differentiates Flux Capacity from other resource management solutions?


Flux Capacity is purpose built for TaskRay. Our solution is fully embedded within TaskRay to provide a streamlined user experience unlike any other solution on the AppExchange.   

Flux Capacity integrates with Sales Cloud unlike any other resource management solution on the AppExchange. We deliver comprehensive, real-time resource forecasting by combining your active project data with Salesforce Opportunities. 

Flux Capacity delivers the most complete and accurate approach to measuring actual utilization for resources and teams. We can measure actual utilization across any custom date range and across billable and non-billable categories.

Do I need TaskRay in order to use Flux Capacity?

Yes, you must have TaskRay in order to use Flux Capacity. Further, you must use TaskRay Time logging functionality in order to take advantage of Flux Capacity performance reporting. 

What is the Flux Capacity pricing model?

Our licensing model is per user per month, paid annually. Setup plans are also available with a one-time fee. You can learn more on our Pricing page.

How many licenses do I need?

We offer 2 license types: Flux Resource and Flux Manager

Flux Resource: Typically, customers purchase a Flux Resource license for every TaskRay user that owns tasks and/or logs time within TaskRay. Some customers only purchase Flux Resource licenses for a subset of TaskRay users that they wish to manage in Flux Capacity. All Flux Resource users must have a TaskRay license. 

Flux Manager: Customers purchase a Flux Manager license for Salesforce users that do not directly own tasks or log time in TaskRay but that do manage resources or need access to Flux reporting.

What is included with Flux Capacity?

All resource management, forecasting, performance, and decision making tools and dashboards are available to licensed Flux Capacity users. 


How long does it take to implement Flux Capacity?

Implementation takes anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks. We offer free and paid setup plans to meet your needs. Learn more about our implementation plans on our Pricing page


What type of Support does Flux Capacity offer?

Similar to our evaluation process, we strive to provide all of the information you need to support yourself through detailed knowledge articles for both end users and advanced administrators. If you need help from a product specialist, we have you covered. You can submit an online support case or book a meeting for a time that works best for you. Visit the Flux Support Center to learn more.

Still have questions?


Let’s chat! Feel free to book a meeting with a product specialist or contact us.


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