• Henry Vu

Resource Management in the Summer Months

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Summer is an exciting time of year. It’s a time for vacations, long weekends, family fun, and adventure. But as a business organization that relies on hard-working resources to deliver on customer promises and deadlines, the Summer season can represent major challenges.

Working around employee time away can be greatly simplified if you have a solid resource management process and tech stack. At the heart of it, your process should assess the impacts of time away requests before granting approvals. Otherwise, Resource Managers are left scrambling to patch holes in schedules while Project Managers are faced with breaking bad news about delivery delays due to Summer resource constraints.

In this blog post, we’ll share the three foundational elements of resource management technology you must have to keep your business on track through the Summer months.

1) You MUST have a complete, single-source of truth for time away tracking of all types.

Relying on Outlook calendars or spreadsheets simply will not give you the reliable accuracy you need to make quick and meaningful decisions. As approvals pile up, you’ll find yourself approving all requests with the mindset of “we’ll figure it out”. Ultimately, your customers will pay the price when a poorly planned conflict arises.

With the right technology, using tools like Flux Capacity, you should have a complete view of all planned resource time away. Sometimes, time away is not limited to just holidays and PTO. Conferences and customer trips are not typically logged as PTO requests, but these absences must be accounted for just as much as vacations.

2) You need to understand specific project impacts.

Looking at a calendar to check if others are out of office at the time another resource is requesting PTO approval may not give you meaningful insight into project impacts. Think of it this way: if 5 people are out on the same week but they are each working on separate projects, the impact could be much less than if 3 people working on the same project are out.

Time away approval decisions should be made with the project and workload context. With Flux Capacity’s resource planning tools, you can easily visualize resource gaps on a project and understand the type of work that may be missed in order to confidently make decisions.

3) You need an efficient way to reschedule tasks and project assignments.

Even with a master view of availability and an understanding of project impacts, it is still critical to efficiently balance workloads and plug-in resources where needed when others are away.

Before committing to a resource absence, it is important to identify who might be available to take on additional work to keep projects on track. With Flux Capacity, you can quickly reassign work with real-time details on resource availability so you can confidently make decisions.


If you have a process and tech stack that checks all these boxes, you’re in a good position to enjoy the Summer without putting your business and customers at risk. However, if the Summer months bring chaos to your business, and you’re looking for a better way to manage resources, Flux Capacity is here to help. In a matter of a week or two, we can deliver all of the above and have you running a world-class project organization this Summer and all year long.

Want to see it in action?

Flux Capacity can be added to TaskRay as part of TaskRay Premium Edition or as a separate add-on. If you are interested in learning more and are already a TaskRay customer, please reach out to your TaskRay CSM. Otherwise, please contact info@fluxcapacity.com for a free product consultation and demo.

If you’re not quite ready for resource management, you might find this article from TaskRay helpful. It includes some great tips on how to use core TaskRay features to manage Summer challenges.