• Henry Vu

TaskRay Blog: Introducing TaskRay + Flux Capacity for Better Resource Planning in Salesforce

By AJ Kamish, TaskRay Account Executive

The secret is out. TaskRay is in a relationship now and all grown up. Boy, does it happen fast! We are excited to announce our partnership with Flux Capacity, a native Salesforce app that was built exclusively for TaskRay users! With the addition of Flux Capacity to our team, we are swinging the door of possibility wide open on all things Resource Management.

At TaskRay, we strive to help our customers run projects and onboarding in Salesforce so that they can get their customers up to value quickly and smoothly. Along the way, we’ve discovered that this growth ultimately hits a new ceiling if team sizes outpace their ability to intelligently organize their resources on a large scale.

Our customers were running into some key questions that we wanted to be able to answer: 

  • What if your sales team crushes it next month and doubles their typical sales – could your teams handle the ensuing onboardings or would they be totally swamped? 

  • When you think its time to expand your team, do you have concrete data to back up your hiring ask and why you truly need reinforcements? 

  • When you have to re-assign a task or project (Shelly is Cancun bound, baby!), how much time is spent figuring out who it should go to?

  • Wouldn’t it be amazing if Shelly’s vacation was already taken into account when the project or task was assigned in the first place?

How Flux Capacity Can Help

Adding Flux Capacity to TaskRay can help you answer all of these questions. Having resource capacity information helps your business operate smoothly – and we shouldn’t underestimate how that smooth sailing feels for the people being scheduled on the work itself – your teams!

TaskRay’s aim has been to help you provide such a great experience that your customers fall in love with your product or service within the first 90 days. With TaskRay and Flux Capacity, things just got turned up a notch and we’re excited to bring a whole new level of insight to our customers.